Specialty ion implant services for research and production.
About Us

CuttingEdge Ions is a California based company specializing in, specialty semiconductor ion implant services. Our professional technologists have over 40 man-years industry experience.

Our purpose is to deliver highly affordable, highest quality, fast turnaround, specialty ion implant services, worldwide, using a versatile array of technology. We provide local service by courier or pickup/drop off, and throughout the state, nationally and internationally via all the major carriers.

Our Senior Policies are:

  1. To be uncompromising in the quality of services provided.
  2. To deliver what and when we promise.

Our product is a satisfied customer, whose requested species have been implanted to specs and delivered on time at quoted price - a customer who would unequivocally use our services again, and recommend us to others.

Please see our “Species” tab above for a list of currently available standard species – if you need something not on the list we can provide additional custom research solutions to your specs – we are always interested to work on new technologies or unusual needs. Our solutions are guaranteed to satisfy.

Please call 714-996-2350 to speak to an applications specialist directly.

If you would like to better understand the function of an Ion Implanter please click on the “Ion Implanter FAQs” tab above.

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